Girl Scout Cookies Co2 Oil Cartridge

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Lab results: 74.8% THC – 0.44% CBD

GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies)
Taste: Sweet & Earthy
GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) is a hybrid of two very popular strains, OG Kush &
Durban Poison. The result is euphoria paired with full-body relaxation and a cerebral
high. Patients have reported that this popular strain helps with pain and nausea.



Girl Scout Cookies Co2 Oil Cartridge

This pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil offers a sweet, mellow, and uplifting high making it one of our most regularly recommended vapor cartridge products for social imbibers. Girl Scout Cookies Co2 Oil Cartridge. This 500mg cartridge is on-par with approximately 1/8 ounce of dried flowers and will last you about as long.

ABX was the first, and are still one of the only vapor cartridge companies we’ve found that offers a beautiful, full-spectrum effect rather than the narrow bandwidth experienced from many other products out there. Start with 2-3 small inhales and wait 15 mins.

Lab Tested Results For Oil Cartridge

Lab results: 74.8% THC – 0.44% CBD

Her high isn’t just immensely powerful but it combines the best of Sativa and Indica into a smoke experience that really couldn’t be any better. She gives an uplifting and euphoric high like that as you can get from the best sativas but mixes it with an awesome indica stone so she’s really delivering the best of both cannabis worlds in one awesome smoke!

While Girl Scout Cookies is not necessarily the easiest strain to grow, most growers simply and entirely understandably can’t resist growing her and are happily accepting the slightly more effort it might at times need to grow her. The result at the end sure will absolutely be worth it, just ask anyone who had the pleasure to try her. Girl Scout Cookies are already a legend and you shouldn’t need to think twice whether you want to grow her!

Specification: Girl Scout Cookies Co2 Oil Cartridge


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